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Working long and short barrel firearms, both of civilian and military origin, modern and, above all, from period between 1860 and 1945.




Bayonets, combat and honor daggers, swords, and antique sabers.





Inert firearms both long and short barreled, antique, including handheld machine guns of which are not applicable under the current firearms laws and therefore are free for movement and sale.




Original military uniforms and perfect reproductions of World War I and II uniforms and garments including specific accessories (ex. belts, backpacks, head covers, cartridges, boots, helmets, badges, decorations etc.).




Scopes, attachments and replacement parts for any type of weapon.




We provide firearms for use in working bodies of municipal police, guards and other armed corps. Our company also produces high quality holsters, both internal and external, suitable for any uniform or undercover service wear. We also provide the necessary tools for cleaning and maintenance (ex. small cleaning kit with rounded brush from 9 mm, oils and solvents).

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- Cell. 333 4236435 - traxarm@yahoo.it

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